Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I can't attend one day, can I still register?
A. Yes! Just do what you can to be there for the full 3 hours on any of the days you do attend. Keep in mind that most people don't want to miss any part of the summit after they've experienced their first day!

Q. How much does it cost to attend?
A. This event is free. Future summits will be donation-based. Our goal is to keep to affordable for everyone, because we believe everyone should have access to great people & resources to help their dreams come together.

Q. If I’m a speaker, can I just show up for my speaking spot?
A. No. Speakers must arrive 30 minutes prior to the event on their speaking day and stay for the full time. This is to make sure we set the stage for our attendees (our audience) to have the best & most impactful event ever.

Q. Do I have to have achieved a certain level of success to be there?
A. This event is based on the premise that we can learn from everyone, and we can all offer unique value to each other, regardless of our current 'status'.

Q. Will I be able to sell my products & services there?
A. Yes (In a way). You will have an opportunity to say what you sell or would like to sell during the breakout rooms, and you can mention it in the main group chat, along with your contact info. Don't be spammy. This event is about being contribution to others, and naturally the right people will align with you and what you're offering anyway. 

Q. Can I bring my friends?
A. Yes, if they register early enough. There are a limited number of spaces available so it's first come, first serve.

Q. What if I don’t know exactly what project I want to do?
A. It's best to have a project, a few projects, or at least some ideas you would like to start with. Since the event is about contributing to one another, the people in your breakout rooms can help you put the ideas together and get you started in the right direction. Also, you can talk about different projects in different breakout sessions. That is up to you.

Q. Can more than one person represent one company or project?
A. Technically yes, however it would be best if you're bringing different projects or different angles/needs to the event. And you want to make sure you're not in the same breakout rooms. (If this happens, you can leave the room and we will assign you a new room with different people).

​Q. Will I be able to connect with the speakers?
A. Yes, you can message them through private chat; theywill provide their contact info; and you may get a chance to speak with them in the breakout sessions or after the event in the social hour!

Q. Is it only open to businesses?
A. This is open to anyone with a professional, personal, passion or non-profit project. Keep in mind, if your project goes against the main 3 principles our company is founded upon (Peace, Love & Joy), it may get reported and rejected from the event. So be sure your project doesn't violate anyone.

Q. How do the breakout rooms work?
A. Breakout rooms are assigned randomly for the collaboration sessions. When speakers are presenting, you get to choose who you want to learn from based on what is most relevant to you now, so you'll get to choose the room you'll go into. (We'll explain more at the event).

Q. What do I need to know so I can prepare?
A. We will be sending you an email a few days before the summit with an outline of the questions you'll want to answer. Don't worry though. If you don't have the outline, we'll have one ready for you at the event. The only thing you really need to know is what project(s) you're working on, or at least have an idea of what you'd like to work on.

Q. Can I save the chat messages?
A. Yes, you can download the chat messages. We will go over how to do that during the event.

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