4 Tips For Ensuring Your About Us Page Is Successful

By:  Michael Yazbeck

Tip # 1  Eliminate Anything Confusing
Internationally acclaimed marketing expert, Russell Brunson says in his training, “A confused mind always says no.” 
You don’t want your customers saying, “no.” You want them saying, “Yes!”

Tip # 2  Get Feedback
Run your About Page by 10 people and ask for honest feedback. You’ll want a few of these people to be your customers or potential clients. Also very importantly, you’ll want other business professionals who are completely unrelated to your business to give you feedback. Ask them to give first impressions of all areas, as well as test the links and let you know their experience at each step & ask them to give you ideas to improve it. 

Tip # 3  Review & Tweak It One Week After Creation

A great tip for any creation is to step back from it and review it after a short time has passed. Be scanning for what is missing that can improve your customer’s experience and the bottom line for your business. Also, implement feedback from your testers, and eliminate or rework anything confusing. This way, everything is clear, precise and effective.

Tip #4  Keep It Short
There may be a lot of things to include in this page, but by using good copy and keeping things short, your customer will have a great experience. If you want to learn about how to write great copy that gets clients and customers, check out this article.
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