5 Tips For Maximizing Joy While

Working From Home

By:  Michael Yazbeck

​Remote work has become more common now than it ever has been thanks to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nowadays, some jobs have to transition into remote work so that business operations can continue. This has been tough to get used to because remote work just is not the same as working with others in person. Despite the sudden drastic change, there can be some joy to maintain while working from home. Here are some tips below to keep in mind!


This might be hard for some people, but embracing remote work is one way to get enjoyment out of it. For starters, it can be exhausting to work near people, whereas remote working allows being away from others physically. Some people value their personal space, and that is what remote work allows. Equally as assuring is that people will not have to commute to work since they do not have to leave the house. Embrace these conveniences!


Working in an office can be quite dull, especially if it's from a not so appealing one. With the joys from working at home, people can customize their own offices to their own liking. For example, a vacant room in a house can become an office, or perhaps a basement. An office can be professional, or it can be expressional. Play around and see which is most comfortable.


In order for work to be done, workers must be productive in how they approach their tasks. Now that work has become remote, people can be more productive at home. Working in peace can help people stay on top of things. There are no distractions present (except for noise from family members and neighbors), so people can concentrate better at home.


It is common knowledge that working too much for too long is unhealthy, as it makes people feel drained. Now that work is done at home, there is no telling people when to take breaks. With that said, people must get their tasks done and not abuse their breaks. Refresh the brain with breaks, do not overwork. 


It is easy to forget that while work has become remote, home life has remained the same. There is time for work and there is time for leisure, which is why setting up boundaries should be a priority. There needs to be a balance between the two, to ensure that no one is spending too much time slacking off or working too hard. 
Use these tips to ensure a more enjoyable remote working experience. Not everyone is going to appreciate remote work, which is understandable since the pandemic has prevented people from working in their offices. Unfortunately, until the pandemic ends, this is something workers will have to adjust to for the time being.

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