Collaboration is Essential!

By:  Michael Yazbeck

Creating businesses can be a very stressful experience. The process of creating a business involves a lot of financial planning, network building, and goals to be met. People who seek to build businesses will find that the road to creating one is very difficult for just one person. For example, setting up gas station businesses is doable, but a lot of negotiating has to come into play in order for it to happen. To add to this, the pandemic is certainly making it even harder for people to start businesses, especially since not every business can thrive online. But as with the pandemic, no one is truly alone, which is why collaboration is essential for businesses and individuals.


In a time where people have to isolate to avoid getting sick with COVID-19, there is not a single person not affected by it in some way. But why sulk in isolation when collaboration is key to helping each other make it through this crisis. Since digital communication has been more essential than ever, people can collaborate with each other to start businesses that can benefit everyone. It takes more than one person to start a business, as a collaboration is necessary to thrive these days. A little collaboration can go a long way, even now.


The most important thing to know is that there is no “I” in the team. With that said, collaborating with an individual is a good way to start. Preferably with a good friend or someone who wants to start up an idea, good leadership and negotiations can help collaborators accomplish their goals. With at least two people, collaborating can go back and forth which can help establish a bond between them, Of course, things can go well if agreements are made, or they can ruin a potentially good collaboration. People in a team bear the burden together, not just one.

In order for things in a collaboration to work, there has to be someone leading the charge. Even if it is a collaboration of two people, someone needs to take the leadership role. According to an article called “ One Person Is The Key To A Successful Collaboration, by Josh Spector,” he mentioned “Collaborators want to be inspired. Want to follow a strong leader. Want a vision to guide them (Spector, 2016).” This is important because good leadership is what drives any project into completion, which is helped by perfect collaboration efforts displayed from a team. In a team, one person is the leader who charts a path to success, while the rest execute a plan in motion to make their success a reality. Obviously, bad leadership from an individual will no doubt tear apart collaborations and cause projects and businesses to go unfinished. That is ok, since compromise is normal for everyone to come to an agreement, even a leader. Leadership is definitely a necessary component for collaborations. 


Businesses generally need to grow in order to thrive for as long as possible. One way they can stay in business is by collaborations. People can collaborate with businesses so that they can improve on them and allow collaborators to make progress. A good example of this is connecting with people within a small business, which could lead into opportunities such as digital marketing and offering referrals. There is something for everyone, and that is an important step to understand when collaborating with a business.

Advertisement is something that drives interest in the marketing world, and businesses need them to spark customer interest. Having people collaborate with businesses on advertisement would help alert customers on the product being advertised. Having talented advertisers sponsor an ad for a business such as a car wash is beneficial because it would make customers interested enough to want to try out the service themselves, driving the sales up. Those who make the ads would gain experience and connections that would propel them forward in the business world. 

Collaborations between businesses also help develop partnerships that can be used to conduct business strategies that benefit everyone involved. Partnerships allow businesses to know each other by developing relationships, as these will lead to creating collaborative long term projects. Members from each business can learn things from each other, either by finding new ways to finish projects, or by learning about different visions of what their businesses are trying to accomplish. They can learn skills from each other that enable the partnership to grow and develop. It is essential to build a bridge for everyone to cross, because collaborations can help create a bright future.

Running businesses alone is a struggle, especially in today’s age where being isolated has been the norm. However, it does not have to be this way, which is why people must rely on others to get by in life. Collaboration is vital to businesses, partnerships, and individuals. Collaboration is essential. 

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